Online Marketing Tips for Automotive Businesses

Nowadays, businesses have endless options to market themselves. Ubiquity of internet is changing the marketing landscape dramatically. Digital marketing methods have been gaining wide acceptance due to its proven benefits and affordability.

Moreover, it levels the playing field for both small businesses and the corporate giants. What does that mean exactly? If you get the marketing methods right, then the chances of reaping profits and availing the maximum returns on investment are higher. Deciding the right marketing method, devising an effective strategy and implementing it in the right way is not easy as you think. You may need the professional services and expertise of a leading automotive advertising agency or experienced marketers, especially if you are a newbie in the digital marketing landscape. Let us check out some simple and easy automotive online marketing tips for increasing your business exposure and reach.

Publishing great content: Getting noticed on the noisy and competitive virtual platform is difficult. But the search engines can take your web presence to the top, only if you have great and valuable content for the audience. Publishing and sharing unique, appealing and relevant content on your website blog, social media or similar online platforms is one of the best automotive online marketing techniques to increase your search engine rankings by a greater extent. The more you blog or guest post, the more are the chances to drive traffic to your website.

Creating videos: High quality and visually appealing videos can be the most excellent way to connect with users. Consumers always prefer watching a short video rather than reading a long document of text information. Since it provides a quick overview of a product, automotive video production should be encouraged. YouTube, the most visited video sharing website has more than 1 billion users and half of the YouTube views are on mobile devices. Automotive video production and uploading it to YouTube can give your business a competitive edge in the market.

Leverage social media: Have you been making the most out of social networking channels? We all are well aware about the exploding popularity of social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Creating a Facebook page, Twitter account or Pinterest boards can help you in improving your customer relations and interactions. Always make it a point to remain active through the social networking channels by sharing informative contents, posting latest business updates, announcing new sales offers and more.

Social media marketing or blogging is generally free, but it can be time-consuming. At the same time, traditional automotive advertising methods like print ads and TV commercials can be expensive. So, it is always best to devise an optimal strategy that combines the best of both traditional and digital marketing techniques.

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These Artists Turned Used Cars Into Art

Ask anyone to describe a beautiful vehicle, and you’re likely to hear about sleek new models or vintage roadsters. Across the U.S., however, intrepid artists have used highway toss-offs to create works of art.

Cadillac Ranch

Way out west, in the dry desert heat of Amarillo, Texas, lies one of the most beautiful examples of automotive art in the country. This piece features a straight line of old, brightly colored used cars protruding out of the flat desert ground, tail end up, with their hoods completely buried in the sand. The piece was installed by artists Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michels under the moniker of their alternative architectural group, Art Farm.

The sculpture is meant to illustrate both the emergence and disappearance of the iconic “tailfin” feature that was included in the design of certain cars made between the years of 1943 and 1964. Marquez noted that the inspiration for the project was spawned from a children’s book that he and Lord found in a bar while living in San Francisco. The vibrant row of vehicles is visible from the frontage road of Interstate 40, just westbound of Amarillo. They allegedly stick out of the ground at the same angle as the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Greg of Akron’s Van Murals

In the late 1960’s through the mid 1970’s, when vans were still a hot commodity in the automotive industry, an artist by the name of “Greg of Akron” had a vision for transforming the bland paint jobs on these vehicles into something more colorful and unique. He accomplished this by covering them in massive, one-of-a-kind murals for his pleasure and that of his customers alike. Greg of Akron, who preferred not to use his last name for incorporation purposes, rose to artistic fame through his larger than life airbrushed paint jobs, which he performed on used cars in his Norton, Ohio studio.

Greg, who was formerly a construction worker, painted thousands of vehicles in his career, from drag racers to motorcycles. However, his most notable work of art is a vibrant yellow and red mural entitled “Flying Eagle,” which was completed in 1975 on a black van. In that year alone, his business grossed $500,000 from custom paint jobs. Greg of Akron passed away in 2007, but his legacy is certainly alive well.

Alexander Calder’s original Art Car

Alexander Calder is an extremely well known and coveted artist, primarily know for his moving sculptures, called “mobiles.” What many people might not know about Calder is that he was the first person to be commissioned to paint professional race cars.

In 1975, French racer Herve Poulain had the idea of combining the physical intensity of endurance auto racing and the emotional delicacy of the visual arts. The racer approached Calder with the idea of painting his car for an upcoming race, to which Calder agreed. The artist created an eye-catching, geometric design composed of large red, yellow, blue, and white fragments that would change the way people looked at racing designs. Other famous artists, like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and David Hockney would go on to paint racing automobiles as well. In fact, artists today are continuing the trend on all types of vehicles, from used cars to motor homes.

Through their various projects, artists like the above have illustrated how vehicles can be used to take people to both physical and emotional destinations.

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How to Immediately Discredit Yourself to a New LinkedIn Connection

I love LinkedIn. I love the business community, vibrancy, interaction, connections and opportunities it offers. I teach numerous workshops on leveraging this magnificent tool for business and career growth and write profiles for individuals and businesses to improve their branding. I love LinkedIn.

I respect that there are different strategies in leveraging LinkedIn; there is really no one size fits all way to utilize the capacity offered by LinkedIn. That being said, there is one small piece of advice or request that I have for those looking to build their network: slow down.

Time is one of our most valuable resources. I teach a 15 minute plan to optimize LinkedIn fully understanding that many people do not have or want to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn yet still want results. I get it, we are busy people.

The problem with using “busy” as an excuse is we get lazy and try a let’s throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see what sticks approach: mass or generic push responses.

When I get a mass or generic push response, I immediately devalue that connection in my head.

Let me define “generic push response.” It is the response a person sends after you connect with them that is an immediate sales pitch. It is like saying, “Hey, thanks for accepting my invitation, now hire me!”


Some people do not accept invitations unless they know the person or have a second degree connection with them. Others will accept outside that circle only if there is a note within the connection introducing themselves and giving a reason as to why they want to connect.

I do not have a filter on who I connect with; well, except inappropriate comments. I do not connect with people who send me icky messages. Other than that, I am happy to connect with fellow LinkedIn-ers. It is all about business.

Some people connect with me because they are ready to move forward with their career or business and want to work with me. Some might someday maybe want to change so they connect with me, just in case. Some want to connect to someone I know. Others are building their connections. Others have liked my articles.

Recently I received an email: “Hi, Lisa! Thanks for accepting my connection request!” (a very happy person) and then it was followed by the generic push.

But this generic push made me laugh. I went back to my settings and noticed this person had viewed my profile.

Their generic push – to teach me how to use LinkedIn.

They viewed my profile, yet I do not think they read it. Either that or this was their subtle way of telling me that they think I really stink at the whole LinkedIn thing.

If nothing else, this person has made an impression. I immediately had a few questions go through my head:

~ Do you think the generic, pre-fab response is the best for me? Do I fit in the model of your other prospects?
~ How about a slight attempt to get to know me a little before you try to sell me?
~ Is that your greatest value that you want to immediately introduce me to – hiring you? The only value as a connection is for me to pay you?

When you are building your network and want to engage in conversations to deepen the connections, make it a conversation.

Send a thank you for the request or acceptance.

Read their profile and ask them a question about themselves, their industry or company. Something that demonstrates that you read their profile. I had a great message the other day, the gentleman clearly read my profile and asked me a clarifying question about what I do.

Find the spark. This will happen during a conversation; you will discover the topic or item that will make it click to introduce your services. Wait for it, watch for it and build to it.

An accepted connection request is the beginning, not the immediate sales point. Like any other networking, connection comes with time, effort and work. Put in the right amount of each with respect to your connections and you will reap much greater, deeper and richer rewards.

How to Immediately Discredit Yourself to a New LinkedIn Connection

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